How to install Air Box Removal Kit on Triumph America/Speedmaster

Step by step guide on how to install the Air Box Removal Kit on a Triumph America & Speedmaster 

1. Remove the Factory Air Box

2. Remove the hardware  and disassemble the roll pin hardware.

British Customs Air Box Removal Kit Hardware for America & Speedmaster 3. Remove the 2 Rubber Mounting bungs from the center section of the frame and Install the supplied Roll Pin

4. Install the Air Box Removal Electronics Tray on the bike using the factory air box mounting screws.   On to the back of the cross member of the rear frame and Toque to 8 Nm

5. Using the Supplied M8x?? And M8 Fender Washer Mount the Right Hand Bracket to the frame. Where you installed the roll Pin in Step 3. Install the factory rubber grommets (need to be removed from factory air box).

6. Install the Left Hand Bracket and use the supplied M8 Fender Washer and M8 Nylock Nut, do not tighten (Non-Exposed Bracket Shown).  Note the routing of the wiring (the wiring goes behind the bracket).  

 7. Position the supplied spacer between the Air Box Removal Kit Electronics Tray and the Right Hand Side Bracket.    Secure with the supplied M6x20 screw, (2) M6 Fender Washers and M6 Nylock Nut.    

8. Using a 4 mm Allen and M10 Socket/Wrench tighten the nut and bolt that secures the Air Box Removal Electronics Tray to the Right Hand Bracket

9. Using a 6mm Allen and 15mm Socket/Wrench Tighten the nut and bolt that secures the left and right hand bracket.   

10. Use the supplied Zip Ties to secure the wiring to the left and right side of the frame. 

11. Secure the atmospheric pressure sensor to the Air Box Removal Kit Electronic Tray and clean up and secure the wiring with the additional supplied zip ties.  

12. Refit the Air Box Cable Cover and tighten the mounting bolts.  Insure the cables are tidily placed underneath the cover. 

13. Locate the starter relay and mount the starter relay to the Air Box RemovalElectronics Tray.   

14. On the Right Side, refit the factory side cover and Air Box Finisher (Exposed Air Box Removal Kit Only)

15. On the Left Side of the bike, refit the Air Box Cover (Non Exposed Air Box Removal Kit Only) and the Air Box Finisher (Non Exposed Air Box Removal Kit Only) using the factory hardware.  The Exposed Air Box Removal Kit includes Hole Finisher.  Install Hole Finisher into Air Box Finisher rubber grommet.   

16.  Carb Models require jetting.  EFI models require the bike to be remapped.   

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